Your website is one very important part of your customer's experience, but it's not the only one.

The Importance of the Online Experience

What do you know about your website visitors?

  • Did they find you through a search?
  • Did you drive them there with advertising?
  • Are your customers the kind that use social media?
  • Are your website visitors really your customers?
  • Was it your plan for potential customers to visit your website then just leave?
  • What is your plan to make your web visitors become customers?

Do you have a plan for what your customers are supposed to do on your website?

Everyone knows your website must be designed with your customers in mind, but let's not forget, it's still your site! Whether you are an online retailer, SMB or enterprise company, your website must be part of a marketing and sales plan. If you think the pupose of your website is simply to "convey information", we really need to talk. The results you do or don't achieve from your website don't happen by accident.

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